About Rose Central Public School

On the auspicious day of 23rd March 2014. Rose central public school was established to provide all possible opportunities to students irrespective of any obvious discrimination whatsoever. The credit goes to Smt Ranjana Mishra who storve day and night continuously to give a shape to this institution what it is today.

Our children are the pillars of a healthy nation as emersion recalls, they are also a mound of clay who need a patient and expert hand of some Michael angelo to muld it into a breathing statue. Developing in its students a bold personality whithout making any shemozzle. Our emphasis is on providing an all – round education which in addition to the general curriculum, a welcome emphasis on the development of handicarafts, on art education , especially on physical education, games and sports. We strive earnestly to promote4 a sense of nationality , unity and solidarity among the student . The next aspect which distinguishes our institute is its experimentation. Our educational system by and large is generally conformist and authroritarian, with little freedom, initiative or experimentation. We have ample resources for the discovery and development of new ideas.

Constriction of building continued for two years rapidly and in the third year, 20 celibates were admitted. The wheel of development has been continuing due to co-operation of society and bliss of God. There are big and small 98 rooms in the school, with all facilities a Lab, Meditation Hall, a decent guest room, auditorium hall, yoga training center, a big tank for all water supply etc.