Academic System

Examination and Promotions

To assess the progress of each student in the various subject, School has adopted the C.C.E. System. (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) in all classes.

The entire academic year has been divided into two semesters.

This includes two Formative Assessment in each semester. (One pen paper and one project) FA-I, FA-II, SA-I,FA-III, FA-IV, SA-2.

The unit taught in one semester will not be included in the next semester except class XI.

The result of the tests and the examination are communicated to the parents through the progress report.

The promotion to next class is based on the overall progress of the students , During the year . The student must secure at least 40% marks in each subject to earn promotion to next higher class.


Academic Excellence Framework and discovering our approach to increased focus, collaboration, innovation, and accountability are our commitment. We believe this Framework provides a roadmap as we continue on a journey towards the academic excellence. Every year we are not leaving any stone unturned due which glories are coming in to the path of Rose Central Public School and improving in academics each year.